joseph silverberg
fine art photography

Specializing in photos on ceramic tiles, trivets and coasters. Hang as art. Functional. Beautiful as a gift.

WELCOME to MY WEBSITE : Art photography, photos on tiles,  by JDS Photo

         This is a work in progress. Currently there are a variety of photos in my gallery. It will take time to add all of my photos and ideas  to the site. Please be patient and visit the site again.  Now look at the Menu to the left. 

 To start seeing the images, click on the "Galleries "(A,B,C,etc.) for a preview. Viewing automatically starts as a slideshow, which can also be paused and  viewed one at a time.  When the photos appear, you may also click on Thumbnails to see multiple photos on a page.

          I specialize in having the images embedded on ceramic tiles where they seem more vibrant and colorful. Especially popular are  foods that fill the tile with color, like red strawberries, yellow lemons, blueberries, etc. There are also many flower photos and a variety of travel and other  scenes in an ever expanding inventory.     The 6x8" tiles have a protective cork backing with a tab for hanging on a wall, or can just be displayed on a counter, and are usable as  trivets.  They have been very popular as gifts.  Original photographs: Beautiful, Functional and Unique.

               There will also be 4.25" square tiles as coasters.                                                                                                                     These and other art photos will be available for matting and framing.

               Click on "Contact" for any questions or comments. I would love to have your input.

               I hope you enjoy the pictures.                                                  Joe Silverberg,  JDS Photo

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